Circle Together: Connection. Reflection. Community.

We are committed to providing connection, reflection, and community as we come together and build resilient communities across North Carolina.

Who We Are

Circle Together includes early educators, clinicians, administrators, community leaders, parents and caregivers, policy makers, health care professionals, home visitors, and early intervention providers, all of whom recognize the critical importance of early relational health and are committed to building resilient communities across NC. Circle Together advocates for Circle of Security® Parenting and Classroom Approach as viable programs to support healthy emotional development and secure attachments.

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Broadening and deepening a diverse and accessible COS network across North Carolina that supports children, their families, and the caregivers and communities who hold them.

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A space where people can be hands for each other, generate connection, and cultivate a new community in ways that honor cultural wisdom.

Our Values


Circle Together works to ensure that Circle of Security Parenting and Classroom Approach reaches the widest, most diverse audience of participants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and champions. It seeks to lower barriers so that anyone can participate in the way of their choosing. In all aspects, the network works to create a body of stakeholders that reflect the communities served.


Circle Together respects the wisdom, values, and contributions of its members, working together to identify and achieve common goals while sharing resources, commitment, and credit. The network is built on communication and trust and is committed to creating an impact together that is greater than what can be achieved by any one member alone.


Circle Together recognizes that the resources of people, time, energy, ideas, commitment, and funding need to be nourished and replenished for the long-term well-being of the movement. The network commits to being a good steward of these resources and to building a strong, diverse foundation that spreads effort, responsibility, and risk across stakeholders so that all are supported and none are depleted in achieving the long-term vision.


Circle Together acknowledges the systems that disadvantage certain groups of people and create barriers to accessing resources such as Circle of Security Parenting and Classroom Approach. The network commits to achieving authentic diversity and inclusion in a statewide effort that values lived experiences and differences, makes every person feel welcome, and allows all individuals to bring their full selves to the experience. The network recognizes the importance of acknowledging individual and institutional biases and the impact of underlying inequities, systemic racism, and historical trauma. It strives to increase equity and minimize harm in its efforts to provide greater access for all.


Circle Together values the reflective practice of taking time and space to stop, think, and observe before acting. Circle Together commits to evolving and growing with intention and attention to the needs of the people and the process. Reflection promotes accountability to Circle Together’s stated values and is a practice to be modeled in the Circle of Security curriculum itself.

How We Began

Circle of Security programs have been implemented in rural and urban NC communities for over 10 years. Our collective impact work began in March of 2021. Visionaries from The Lucy Daniels Center (Cary), Resources for Resilience (Asheville), and the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas (Chapel Hill) came together to initiate a statewide collaborative. With common goals, shared ideas, and consultation from Partners for Impact, Circle Together has evolved to bring together diverse stakeholders to move this work forward.


We are professionals who are committed to applying an attachment-informed perspective in our work.

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We want trained COS facilitators in NC to have access to ongoing support and a community of other facilitators.

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We want parents, caregivers, foster parents, grandparents, and others to have access to joining a COSP group.

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