Who are Facilitators?

Facilitators are caring people who promote secure attachment by investing in the COSP Facilitator Training and delivering the program to groups of parents, individually with a caregiver in a home visiting or office setting, or with early care educators.

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Helping professionals

According to Circle of Security International, “We focus on training providers with many different backgrounds and from many different disciplines to help caregivers connect with the children in their lives.”

Welcome to our North Carolina Facilitator Community!

There are several hundred trained facilitators across our state, and we are grateful to offer them many opportunities for connection on their COS journey. The Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas (PCC) has been offering in-person trainings annually since 2015. Facilitators also come to our facilitator network by completing training online through Circle of Security International. Circle of Security Parenting and COS Classroom Approach are currently being offered by facilitators in rural and urban settings across North Carolina including: non-profits; early care settings; mental health agencies; Partnerships for Children; community health settings; and private practice settings.

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Receiving “Hands” while supporting caregivers on the Circle

As facilitators are the “Hands” for each caregiver they support, they also need “Hands” for themselves. Circle Together as well as Circles of Support offer those “Hands.”