“Hands” of support on your Circle of Security journey

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COSP facilitators need and deserve ongoing “Hands” after being trained. Connect to reflective support, reach out to other trained facilitators, explore COSC Approach, and access resources to support you in your journey.

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    Facilitator Support

    You will have many “Hands” supporting you as you implement COSP in North Carolina. Just as facilitators are supporting caregivers to deepen their reflective capacity, we also need reflective support as facilitators. Join us in our Circles of Support to “Be With” other facilitators, reflect on our unique and common experiences, and feel supported as we do this work in our communities.

    Facilitators in NC

    Interested in connecting with other trained COSP and COSC Approach facilitators? Visit our facilitator map to find out who is in your community or across the state working with a similar population.


    Join with other NC facilitators who are committed to bringing the Circle of Security Classroom Approach to early care settings.


    You are not alone in this work! Check out information about participant surveys, recruitment flyers, and attachment resources that many facilitators find useful when implementing COSP and COSC Approach.