Seen, Heard, and Held: Rooted in Relationships

We are professionals from varied contexts who are committed to applying an attachment-informed perspective in our work to support caregivers of infants, toddlers, and young children. We advocate for policies and systems that promote the tenets of Circle of Security® Parenting and Classroom Approach.

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Join us for the next 2024 quarterly gatherings on February 13th and May 14th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Interested in becoming part of Circle Together?

If you would like to be part of this dynamic group of people across North Carolina who are working to bring COSP and COSC Approach to parents/caregivers, communities, agencies, and systems in NC, Circle Together will benefit from your ideas, strategic partnership, and your energy! Contact Susanne Walker Wilson, coordinator of our Outreach workgroup, at

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How can you contribute?

● Participate in quarterly virtual meetings

● Collect/share data and resources

● Develop/share strategic contacts

● Help cultivate funding for Circle Together efforts

● Spread the word through community newsletters and email contacts

● Educate and influence elected officials and policy decision makers

● Join a work group

Facilitator Support: offer ideas about strategies for how to build a supportive community of “Hands” for facilitators, explore how facilitators want to connect across the state, and advise the development of fidelity coaching plans.

Infrastructure: coordinate all work groups, develop and oversee group governance, create short/long term work plans, engage additional membership, and develop resources.

Outreach: identify and invite newcomers to the Circle Together group to deepen and diversify our collaboration, prioritize and plan the sharing of information with strategic partners, and offer COSP and COSC Approach orientations to targeted audiences statewide.

Research and Evaluation: continue the development and fine-tuning of research and evaluation tools, coordinate the collection and analysis of data, and create an evaluation plan for the state network.

Website/Technology: assess the needs of our emerging web presence, create web content, and update the website with current and pertinent material.