It’s never too late to nurture secure relationships!

Who are caregivers? Caregivers are parents, foster parents, grandparents, extended family members, and others who are caring for young children. We are all hard-wired for “attachment” to nurturing caregivers who will respond to our needs, who will help us feel safe, and who we can trust implicitly.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program provides guidance and reflective space for caregivers to explore the essence of the relationships with the children in their care as well as their personal relationships, both past and present.

According to Circle of Security International, “the program works equally well for increasing awareness of attachment with grandparents, extended family members, foster parents, nannies, and other early care professionals.”

To watch an overview video of COSP and see what the “Circle” is all about, please visit Circle of Security International’s Resources for Parents.

family walking away from the camera, toddler being held up by their parents and another sibling walking close by

Hear From COSP Group Participants