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Jennifer Haga


Hello, I'm Jennifer, a teacher and a registered Parent and Classroom Educator Circle of Security Facilitator. As a facilitator, my educational philosophy extends beyond conventional approaches, and I believe in the importance of a secure parent-child attachment, especially as it impacts early childhood development.

I've spent a good amount of time in the classroom, especially understanding and meeting the needs of students with special requirements. But my interest doesn't stop at the students. I'm also dedicated to helping other teachers grow and learn through staff development. And it's not just about what happens in the school building. I'm all about connecting schools with their communities. I believe education doesn't just change individuals; it changes entire neighborhoods.

Now, after enjoying my time in the classroom, I'm excited to bring my skills to every student, family, and teacher I meet. I'm not just a teacher; I'm someone who wants to make a real difference in families, and the world of education. I look forward to working with you!


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