It’s never too late to nurture secure relationships!

“I never knew just how much my children needed me emotionally. Now I get it. And now I know how to show up for them differently. That feels good.”

For Caregivers

Access for parents, caregivers, foster parents, grandparents, and any others who are interested in learning more about Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) or participating in a COSP group.

We are all biologically “hardwired” to feel secure. How caregivers can nurture this feeling of security which in turn fosters emotional resilience and social competence is the focus of COSP. Learn more about this internationally acclaimed 8-week parenting program at Circle of Security International.

Find a Circle of Security Parenting group

If you would like to join a COSP group, use our Facilitator Directory to find a facilitator in your community. Many facilitators also offer both in-person and virtual groups. It is never too late to create your “Circle.”
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